'e' learning
module creation 
Projects & L.M.S. 
Sales & Marketing driven Events Coordination
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Creation of 'e' Learning modules and or courses in English that are effective, engaging, and immersive.

Using these as templates together with an on line reviewing process to cost effectively roll them out across countries.

Sales focused projects management e.g. Support materials creation, Intranet development etc.

Managing Learning Management Systems to firstly  deliver e-learning programs in different formats such as ;

Managing compliance training, Certification management,

Product knowledge

Sales training etc and secondly to provide management overviews of learner achievement.

Planning the whole event with the client.

Implementing the agreed budget and making sure the costs do not overshoot it.

Managing external agencies and all the audio visual requirements for the event.

Responsible for logistics including room setup, reservations, decorations, entertainment, ordering food etc.